About Rice Products

The rice has uncommon highlights, which makes it normally long grain, fragrant and tasty in taste. The legend says that that this rice was intended to be devoured by the Maharajas (Kings), Maharanis (Queens), Princess and regal families. This specific strain of rice, additionally called the ruler of rice is held in the most noteworthy respect world over. Among any remaining assortments of rice, none have the particular long grains or the inconspicuous fragrance for which this grain is considered so exceptional. It is filled in the most fruitful valleys and fields of India, which brings about such quality.

Various Types Of Rice Products:

Aromatic Rice

Basmati Rice

Biriyani Rice

Black Rice

Broken Rice

Brown Rice

Golden Rice

Long Grain Rice

Non Basmati Rice

Parboiled Rice

Sella Rice

White Rice